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TELEKOMSERVISAS is one of the first companies in Lithuania to supply and implement telecommunication solutions. Since its incorporation in 1992, the company has successfully implemented technological solutions for our customers throughout the Baltic Region.

The company is equipped to offer data network solutions for cable (optical and ethernet) and wireless networks, while also providing network security. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in telecommunications services, data centres, energy, public and other sectors. The company also manages the integration of telecommunications projects. Our highly qualified engineering and technical staff ensure the successful implementation of a wide range of projects for our customers.

Cooperation with global equipment manufacturers allows us to offer the latest technologies and to use the highest-quality equipment in our activities.

The solutions and services implemented by the company comply with the ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management and the ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management systems.

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Solutions for service providers

Telekomservisas provides high-quality network solutions that allow telecommunications network operators to significantly expand the capabilities of their existing telecommunications networks, by installing and developing optical and wireless networks while maintaining a low level of investment (CAPEX) and low operating costs (OPEX), to create new-generation revenue from these services. Our technological solutions are based on the experience of global manufacturers such as the Infinera Corporation, with products including: Disaggregated Software Controlled Solutions, Packet Optical Transport Solutions, etc. We also use the experience and products of other global manufacturers in our technological solutions.

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Solutions for business

Telekomservisas provides innovative and dynamic solutions with a focus on changing needs and provides solutions for a modern business:

* Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solutions based on an open architecture, variable speed and flexible on-demand devices: Groove G30, CloudXpress;

* Optical network development solutions based on CWDM/DWDM technology;

* Telecommunication and computer network development solutions based on Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP and IP/MPLS technologies;

* Solutions to ensure the security of telecommunication and computer networks;

* Wireless telecommunication network solutions;

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Solutions for the public sector

The company provides technical solutions for telecommunication networks and power supply systems to customers, as well as performing installations, start-up services, maintenance and repairs of telecommunication and electrical equipment. The company has many years of experience in assembling and installing various types of telecommunications network systems and their components, fixed and mobile antenna installations, data and optical network transmission systems, radio relay communication lines (RRL), wireless network equipment and systems, feeder cables, base stations, backup power sources and other equipment.

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Technical support services

The company provides 8x5 technical support to its customers. Our technical support services provided can be categorised into the following groups:

* Optical network technical support services: services include equipment repairs, upgrades, bug fixes and other functions;

* Telecommunications network (wireless network) maintenance services: services include fault finding and troubleshooting;

* Diesel power station and UPS maintenance services: services include preventive work, fault finding and troubleshooting.

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Installation services

The company has assembled a team of professional specialists, who can offer our customers highly-skilled services:

* Design of telecommunications (wireless, optical, substation) networks;

* Assembly of telecommunication cabinets (in substation projects);

* Assembly and installation of BS (base stations) and infrastructures, including steeplejack work;

* Installation of telecommunication networks (wireless, optical, substation networks);

* Design and installation of energy systems (batteries, UPS, diesel power generators, voltage converters, etc.);

* Prevention services and maintenance of telecommunication and energy systems.

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Consulting services

The consulting services offered by the company include:

* Training in the operation of telecommunication network equipment;

* Telecommunication network installation and upgrade consulting services;

* Optical network development and modelling services;

* Wireless network installation and upgrade consulting services.

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Optical network products

For the installation and development of optical networks, we offer passive and active components including:

* CWDM/DWDM network components (Mux/Demux and OADM, ROADM, WDM transport platforms, passive components (suppressors, WDM filters), etc.);

* Optical network infrastructure components (fibre optic distribution devices, optical connecting cables, optical interfaces, etc.);

* Optical converters.

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IP networking products

For the development of IP networks, we offer:

* Industrial network switches;

* Industrial PoE network switches;

* LAN network switches;

* Routers and smart routers;

* Network security devices (firewalls);

* IP access equipment (Wi-Fi);

* Package transport equipment (MPLS-TP);

* Media converters, and more.

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Wireless networking products

We have equipment available for the installation and development of wireless networks including:

* Radio relay equipment used for the development of telecommunications networks that provides an information transmission speed of up to 2GBit/s;

* Radio communication equipment for wireless data transmissions in many infrastructure and industrial facilities (electricity distribution, renewable energy facilities, etc.).

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Disaggregated open architecture products

In cooperation with our technological partner Infinera Corporation, the company offers distributed architecture devices to address different customer needs:

* Data transmission network equipment (Groove G30): equipment for data centre interconnections, data traffic 10G/40G/100G/200G/400G/800G compression in transmission networks;

* Distributed architecture routers and switches (DRX).

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Network management products

The components of the Infinera Corporation network management software solutions include:

* Transcend Maestro Multi-Domain Orchestrator: provides multi-layer, multi-tier and multi-vendor equipment integration, including planning and modelling, deployment and configuration, service delivery, monitoring and optimisation;

* Transcend Symphony Multi-Vendor SDN Controllers;

* Transcend Chorus network management software;

* Transcend Management and Network Orchestration (MANO): provides virtual network functions for both Infinera Corporation and third-party equipment management (VNF), including service definition, fault and performance management and monitoring.

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Specialised and other products

The company offers its customers specialised and reliable products according to the power supply:

* GPS receivers;

* Tele-protection equipment;

* Uninterruptible power supply (UPS);

* Guaranteed power supply systems (48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC);

* Diesel generators;

* Voltage converters and inverters;

* Batteries for guaranteed supply systems;

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* Steeplejack work. Installation of metal structures, electrical and telecommunications equipment;

* Installation and adjustment of low currents (installation of telecommunications and electrical equipment, as well as power, computer, communication and alarm networks);

* Optical and other cable-laying work.


* Higher engineering (non-university) education diploma and relevant work experience would be an advantage;

* Steeplejack certificate would be an advantage;

* Driving licence;

* Independence, responsibility and good organisational skills;

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Work Supervisor


* Planning, organisation and control of a work site;

* Supervision of installation teams and management of subcontractors;

* Communication with the customer on the work organisation and technical solutions;

* Preparation, management and coordination of technical and other documentation;

* Ensuring occupational safety.


* Higher engineering (university/non-university) education diploma and relevant work experience;

* Construction work supervisor certificate and experience in specialised construction work: installation of static (telecommunication) systems would be an advantage;

* Good computer skills (AutoCAD experience would be an advantage);

* Experience in working with telecommunication projects would be an advantage;

* Driving licence;

* Independence, responsibility and good organisational skills;

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Project Manager


* Formation of project budgets and control of project execution;

* Coordination and control of project processes;

* Cooperation with customers, resolution of organisational and technical issues;

* Preparation and coordination of technical and other documentation.


* Higher engineering (university) education diploma and relevant work experience;

* Construction work supervisor certificate and experience in specialised construction work: installation of static (telecommunication) systems would be an advantage;

* Good computer skills (AutoCAD experience would be an advantage);

* Telecommunication project planning and management experience would be an advantage;

* Driving licence;

* Independence, responsibility and good organisational skills;

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Company details:

Eigulių str. 21, LT-03150 Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 2151910

Reg. No. 110438350
VAT No. LT104383515

Company’s management:
Raimundas Zaikauskas, Director
Laimutis Kvederas, Chief Accountant

Opening times I-V 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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